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Starrett automatic center punch

This is the tool I use for counter-staking the carrier key screw when I am using the MOACKS (although the Pocket MOACKS does include a counter-staking feature). After staking the carrier key screws in using the MOACKS, this tool makes it easy to countersatke the screw heads at 4:00 and 10:00, displacing some screw head metal outward. This way if the screw ever did try to turn despite the MOACKS staking job (never heard of it happening), the outwardly-displaced screw metal would stop on the inwardly-displaced metal from the MOACKS staking of the carrier key. The tool is easy to use since no hammer is necessary; put it where you want it, push on it, and it "cocks" itself and then delivers a strike to the punch via an internal mechanism. A quality product from a good old American name in precision, sold through the best outfit in the gun accessories business, Brownells. This is a direct link for you to buy it through Brownells at $27.50. I can get it for you but it's going to cost you $15 more and probably not get there as quickly. You'll find a lot of other uses for this tool, too. Order online from Brownell's or order by phone from Brownell's, their phone is 800-741-0015, part number is 827-501-190.