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Ballistickers are sized to fit on the left side of an EOTech sight, the left side of an Aimpoint, on an AR15's lower receiver on the right side of the magazine well, or on the AR15's upper receiver on the left, opposite the forward assist, or any other flat or rounded area of 1" X 1 1/4". They give a quick reference to the user for bullet path and windage (at 10 MPH full value). Point of impact is given at 25, 50, 100, and every 50 yards beyond that to 500 yards, assuming the standard AR15 sight offset of about 2.5". They are available for several different common duty loads at different velocities to cover 14.5", 16", and 20" barrel lengths. Two "zero" distances are offered:

With 100 yard zero:
-55 grain at 3,000 FPS (XM193, 16" barrel)
-62 grain at 3100 FPS (M855/SS-109, 20" barrel)
-62 grain at 2950 FPS (16")
-62 grain at 2800 (14.5")
-75 grain at 2600 (Mk 262/TAP, 14.5" barrel, commercial/civilian loads in a 16" barrel)
-75 grain at 2675 (Mk 262/TAP, 16" barrel, commercial/civilian loads in a 20" barrel)
-75 grain at 2750 (Mk 262/TAP, 20" barrel)

With 50 yard zero:
-55 grain at 3000 FPS
-62 grain at 2575 FPS (~11.5" bbl)
-62 grain at 2900 FPS
-75 grain at 2650 FPS

Note that the Ballistickers are a "close guideline", and that there are many factors affecting external ballistics, including elevation, temperature, humidity, and of course, load and ammunition consistency. Taking all these factors into consideration is a bit of an art; the Ballisticker gets you very close under most conditions, certainly close enough in a partol rifle, low magnification context. If the exact velocity you need is not listed, keep in mind that, for example, the point of impact difference between the 75 grain at 2600 and the 75 grain at 2675, even at 500 yards, is under 5".

Ballistickers are made from quality materials, and properly installed are very durable, but like any sticker they are not resistant to being soaked in oil or solvents.

Ballistickers are only available from me at this time at $13 for one and $9 for additional ones. You can also mix and match with EoStickers, for example, one Ballisticker and one EoSticker, $22. Two Ballistickers and two EoStickers, $13 + $9 +$9 +$9 = $40.

You can PayPal me the funds using my email, metalmaster@m-guns.com, or send a check made out to Michiguns to:

Box 42
Three Rivers, MI 49093