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This is for the guy who needs a carrier key staker that takes up less room in the toolbox or travel kit and weighs a lot less…and costs less, too. The penalty of course is that it does not have some of the "bonus" features of the original MOACKS, and it is a little slower to do a carrier with, but the size and weight advantage will be worth it to some. Also, it does one thing the MOACKS does not-- it can be used to counter stake the screw heads, an important part of the process if you ask me.

The P-MOACKS stakes the carrier key screws one at a time. Like the MOACKS it comes with the Allen wrenches necessaryto do the job, a 9/64 wrench for tightening the carrier key screws, and a 1/8 wrench for those carriers that use a non-standard screw with a 1/8 socket instead of the standard 9/64. With the P-MOACKS, the 9/64 or 1/8 wrench is used to position the tool properly by putting the wrench stem though a hole in the top of the tool and into a carrier key screw socket. Then the staker screw is turned in to touch, then turned in another 1 & 1/4 turns. Repeat four times.

To counter stake the screws, move the staker screw to the tapped hole in the top of the tool. Again use the 1/8 or 9/64 wrench to locate the tool to a carrier key screw socket. Once the tool is located, the staker screw is turned in to touch the top of the carrier key screw head, plus one turn. Now there is screw head metal displaced outwardly that will impinge on the inwardly-displaced metal from the staking of the carrier key over the screw heads. Repeat once per carrier key screw. The new tool, like the MOACKS, is made from gen-u-ine gun steel, not reconstituted car bodies- it's Crucible Steel 420 stainless. These are $95 plus $10 S&H to anywhere in the US or to APO's.

You can PayPal me the funds using my email, metalmaster@m-guns.com, or send a check made out to Michiguns to:

Box 42
Three Rivers, MI 49093